Date Topic Lab
Mon Sep 25 cm001: Introduction to computing for the social sciences
Wed Sep 27 cm002: Visualizations and the grammar of graphics lab01: Software setup
Mon Oct 2 cm003: Data transformation
Wed Oct 4 cm004: Exploratory data analysis lab02: R basics
Mon Oct 9 cm005: Data wrangling: tidy data
Wed Oct 11 cm006: Data wrangling: relational data and factors lab03:
Mon Oct 16 cm007: Pipes and functions
Wed Oct 18 cm008: Vectors and iteration lab04:
Mon Oct 23 cm009: Debugging and defensive programming
Wed Oct 25 cm010: R Markdown lab05:
Mon Oct 30 cm011: Statistical learning: regression and classification
Wed Nov 1 cm012: Statistical learning: classification and cross-validation lab06:
Mon Nov 6 cm013: Distributed learning
Wed Nov 8 cm014: Geospatial visualization lab07:
Mon Nov 13 cm015: Getting data from the web: API access
Wed Nov 15 cm016: Getting data from the web: scraping lab08:
Mon Nov 20 cm017: Text analysis: fundamentals and sentiment analysis
Wed Nov 22 cm018: Text analysis: classification and topic modeling lab09:
Mon Nov 27 cm019: Building Shiny applications
Wed Nov 29 cm020: Building Shiny applications (part II) lab10:


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