Data transformation

Jan 19, 2022 10:30 AM


  • Identify computer programming as a form of problem solving
  • Practice decomposing an analytical goal into a set of discrete, computational tasks
  • Identify the verbs for a language of data manipulation
  • Clarify confusing aspects of data transformation from R for Data Science
  • Practice transforming data

Before class

Class materials

Additional resources

What you need to do after class

  • Complete your peer evaluations for homework 01. Review the following:
    • General Homework Rubric
    • Performing peer review
    • To find which peers you will evaluate:
      • Navigate to the pull request page for hw01
      • Click Reviews > Awaiting review from you
      • If you submitted your pull request on-time, you were randomly assigned two other pull requests to evaluate. If you did not submit your pull request on-time, you are still expected to perform two peer evaluations. Select any two pull requests and provide feedback on their submission.
Benjamin Soltoff
Benjamin Soltoff
Assistant Senior Instructional Professor in Computational Social Science