Project management

Room 247, Saieh Hall for Economics, Chicago, IL


  • Review the importance of reproducibility in scientific research
  • Define a project-oriented workflow
  • Demonstrate how to construct safe filepaths using here()
  • Distinguish between R scripts (.R) and R Markdown documents (.Rmd)
  • Identify R startup procedures
  • Practice generating reproducible examples
  • Identify common problems with Git and explain how to resolve these problems

Before class

  • Read chapters 27-29 in R for Data Science for more on R Markdown and document formats
  • Review chapter 6 in R for Data Science for more info on scripts

Class materials

Additional resources

What you need to do

  • Start homework 5
  • Install the titanic package using the command install.packages("titanic"). We will be using this package in-class next time
Benjamin Soltoff
Lecturer in Computational Social Science